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26 September, 2011

The Spockholm Mafia Toolbar

Originally posted by MWLOOTLADY blog.

The first version of the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar is now available. With so many Spocklets out there as well as toolbars that contain Spocklets, it's nice to have a place created by Team Spockholm to manage them all. In addition to housing your favorite Spocklets, the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar has features to make your Mafia Wars playing experience easier and more enjoyable.  Before you can't start using the Spockholm Toolbar, you need to install it. It's a little different that the classic click, drag and drop of a javascript code but it still fairly easy to do.


The Spockholm Toolbar needs to be installed in the form of a Chrome Extension or FireFox Add-On.
1.  Go to You will see a standard warning about Extensions in the bottom left of your screen. Click continue.

2.  Click Install from the verification popup. What's nice about the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar Extension is it only has access to your Facebook application data and not everything else you do on your computer like most of the other toolbars.

3. You will see that the Extension was successfully installed in the upper right corner of your screen next to the Chrome Wrench icon.

4.  To manage your Spockholm Toolbar and/or verify that it is properly installed, click on the Chrome wrench icon, click on Tools and then Extensions.

5.  If properly installed, the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar will appear on your list of Extensions. From this page, you can also turn it off temporarily by clicking on "Disable" or remove it permanently by clicking on "Uninstall".

Installing the Spockholm Toolbar in FireFox requires an extra step because you need to install Greasemonkey first. Go
here to install the Greasemonkey Add-On and click on "Add to FireFox".

Wait the 5 seconds for it to prepare.

Click on Install to begin the installation process.

Restart FireFox from the installation popup that will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen.

If you did everything right, you will now have a cute little smiling monkey in the upper right or bottom right corner of your screen.

If you don't see this monkey anywhere, you can check from your Tools Tab to make sure Greasemonkey is enabled. To do this go to the Tools Tab located in the upper right of your screen, click on Greasemonkey from the drop down menu and make sure there is a check next to Enabled. If Greasemonkey isn't installed properly and enabled, you won't be able to install the Spockholm Toolbar.

Now you can install the Spockholm Toolbar by following the step below.
1.  Ensure that Greasemonkey is enabled.  You can check on it from the Greasemonkey icon located in the upper right corner of your screen. This is also how you can turn it off when needed.

2.  Go to You will see Greasemonkey doing its thing.

3. Click on "Install" from the popup window.

3.  When the installation process is complete, you will be notified in the lower right corner of your screen.

6.  To manage your Spockholm Toolbar in FireFox, click on Tools located in the and then Add-ons.

7. A list of your Add-ons will appear. From here you can temporarily turn off the Spockholm Toolbar by clicking on "Disable" or delete it by clicking on "Remove".


Once the Spockholm Toolbar is installed, it will automatically load on top of the Game Header.

Here is closer look at the items you will see on the surface and their function.


Two features that you will notice right away is that the App Ticker is removed and the annoying ZMC popup is automatically closed for you.

You will also get some additional information on all the Job Pages. When you load a Job Page, the job with the best experience/energy ratio will be highlighted in green. In the example below, I went to District 2 in Chicago because that one has the best ratios. The second job down offers the most experience per energy so it is highlighted.

In addition to the exp/energy ratio of each job, you will also see how many of each job you can do with the energy you have available on hand and how much energy you will have left over once you do the number of jobs stated.

If you don't have enough energy to do a job, the energy cost will appear in red. The energy left will be your total energy on hand.

A very cool feature of the Spockholm Toolbar is you can run scripts in a framed mode if you use the Spockholm Drop Bar or launch a script through the search bar. There are 2 ways to launch a Spocklet. The first is to click on the Spocklets Drop Menu and a list of popular Spocklets will appear. Simply click on the one you want to use and it will load.

If you want to use a script that isn't listed in the Drop Menu, go to the search bar and type in the name of the Spocklet you are looking for. In the example below, I want to use the Mafia Manager. Simply type it in the search bar select it and it will load. Eventually all the Spocklets will be added to this feature but for now only the ones that appear or are added on the Drop Bar will show up.

Scripts will work in the framed state of the game so you will no longer need to additional step of unframing. In the example below I'm running the Assassin-a-Nator and you can see my game in framed.

The Configuration is what you will use to add more scripts to the Drop Down Menu. Find it at the far right of the toolbar. There are two pages and the Configuration Button will appear green when they are open.

The first will list the 15 standard Spocklets.

The second page provides the option for you to add additional Spocklets or bookmarklets from other script writers.

There are two ways to add a Spocklet to the Drop Menu. The first is to click on the "Add new Spocklet" button from the second page of the Config options. In the example below I will add the Stream Scanner bookmarklet. First you need to enter the name you want it to be called and click OK.

Next you will need to enter the URL of the Spocklet. This isn't as hard as it sounds.

To get the URL code of any Spocklet, find it in you bookmark toolbar and right click on it and select edit.

Now copy the code in the URL: box.

Paste it somewhere and copy the url which is located in the code. It will start with "http:" and end with "js" You could copy it directly from the bookmarklet shown above as well but I find it's easier to paste it somewhere first.

Now paste the URL into the box.

The Spocklet will appear on the Config Page and it will be listed on the Drop Down Menu.

The second way to add a Spocklet or other script to your menu is to use the "Import Spocklet from code" button. This will ask for the entire code. I will update this section at a later time.

Another feature of the Spockholm Toolbar is the ability to heal with one click. Go to the Config button and click on the "Enable 1-click healing" box.

Simply click on the little heart next to your health and you will be healed in one click (assuming your heal timer is ready to go). When used properly, your health will flash a few times and you will be healed. The function will use New York currency. A banking feature is currently in the experimental phase and will be released shortly.

Pistol Pete created the video shown below to review the toolbar. This is the first version and there will many updates in the future.


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